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Yasir Mehmood Capture Mania Photography Magazine

Yasir Mehmood

Chief Editor

Although Yasir is an Interior Designer by profession his real passion is photography in general, nature and wildlife photography in particu­lar. To him photography is synonymous with oxygen, as he has to make a few clicks of camera everyday to keep his spirit satiated and healthy. For Yasir photography is not just a hobby, rather it is a tool of insight into na­ture. He specializes in insect photography, where Yasir sees insects as objects of beauty, which are as beautiful as any other ele­ment of nature.

This passion of his does not only make him see things differently, but it is a means of introspection for him as well. Every angle, every frame, and every shutter of the lens is actually an aspect of his personality and the gift he is born with; that unravels to Yasir. It might seem a cliche, but photog­raphy is what he likes to do, it is what he was born to do, and wishes to continue doing it for the foreseeable future, so that more and more people could see the world as Yasir sees it, and the wild that is worthy of being praised and cherished.

(Islamabad, Pakistan)


Bistra Stoimenova Capture Mania Photography Magazine

Bistra Stoimenova

Managing Editor

Bistra is a translator/interpreter by education – has a BA  in English philology and a MA in Translation from Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ and is currently pursuing a second BA, this time in Cultural Studies at the same university. Apart from being on the Capture Mania editorial team, she is also the photographer-in-chief of the National UNESCO Club for Scientific Expeditions of Bulgaria and is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Professional photographers.

Her photographic career started in 2009 when she received her first digital camera and from then on, photography turned from a hobby into a passion, then a way of life and eventually a profession. The genres she mostly works in are (but not limited to): travel, landscape, food, macro and stock photography.

She is currently enrolled in a MA programme in Photography at Falmouth University, UK, and is working on her first major photographic project.

(Sofia, Bulgaria)