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Capture Mania Editor’s Choice Photographs Issue 07

Nature photography is one of the most popular genres – who hasn’t walked past amazing scenery and tried to take a snapshot with whatever device was handy. Human beings have always been fascinated by nature and its creations and tried to depict them in some way – from cave paintings to classical art and contemporary landscapes. Nature photographers though, are weird creatures – they are able to hike for hours in the rain, mud, snowstorm or blazing heat and then camp for a week or a month to get a single killer-shot. Of all types of photography – nature photography must be the most difficult one – being at the mercy of the elements of weeks on end, hiding in a damp small hut just to have that animal pass before your lens, or spending a fortune to be on location just when Aurora Borealis is out in the sky. It takes a lot of dedication to keep getting up at 3 a.m. and drive through that storm seven times to get the breathtaking sunrise you want. It takes even more dedication to take thousands upon thousands of images and wait for seven years to get that shot of a bird and its prey. Most non-photographers know nothing of all the efforts, hard work and dedication behind each shot that adorns their favourite page or their computer screen. Truth is that being a nature photographer is something more than just pressing a button. Nature photography means that you have to feel part of the cycles and in tune with the elements to be able to capture the spirit of the place or the character of the animal. This issue took us a while to compile but it’s certainly worth the long wait. All authors that confided in us and chose to send their portfolios to our editorial team are both amazing at what they do and in tune with nature – these 18 people have all understood that nature is to be preserved and with their works they all show us the hidden gems of the land. It’s often an image that raises awareness – that a place needs preservation or a species needs protection. Photography is a powerful medium – as the cliché goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. The works published in this issue all tell stories of places less-known, of harmony and peace. Go through their portfolios and read their thoughts on work, nature and photography and think about the way you treat nature. Do you always put your garbage in the dustbin? Do you try to leave a place the way you’ve found it? Nature is not something for us to have and destroy – it has to be preserved for the future generations. As the saying goes: ‘We did not inherit nature from our fathers, only borrowed it from our children.’ Bistra Stoimenova

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JesusmGarcia Capture Mania Photography Magazine

Editor’s Note: The place and post-processing are fantastic. This image leaves you speechless.
Krasi Matarov , Guest Editor, Capture Mania Photography magazine.


Juan Pixelecta Capture Mania Photography Magazine

©Juan Pixelecta
Editor’s Note: A lovely landscape and amazing reflection. All elements of the image – from foreground to background –are well-developed.
Krasi Matarov , Guest Editor, Capture Mania Photography magazine.


Katarzyna Załużna Capture Mania Photography Magazine

© Katarzyna Załużna
Editor’s Note: Great macro shot – skillful post-processing and good composition skills. The scene is also pleasing to the eye.
Krasi Matarov , Guest Editor, Capture Mania Photography magazine.


Martin Morgenweck Capture Mania Photography Magazine

© Martin Morgenweck
Editor’s Note: The yellow in the image and the curvy S-line are both pleasing to look at.
Krasi Matarov , Guest Editor, Capture Mania Photography magazine.


Alberto Alvaro Capture Mania Photography Magazine

© Alberto Alvaro
Editor’s Note:  What I loved in this image is the lovely post-processing – the light is accented very well and everything is kept balanced and simple.
Krasi Matarov , Guest Editor, Capture Mania Photography magazine.

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