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Job Can Wait Travel Can’t by Niakul Sharma

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma

3 Countries (MYANMAR, CAMBODIA & VIETNAM), 34000kms, 38 days, 300kms of walking and 4900 photos clicked, 100 of stories and meets but one PURPOSE.

                                                            JOB CAN WAIT TRAVeL CAN’T

I have been traveling since 2009, met lot of People and Traveler during my Journey and got realized that TRAVELING for reason is the Best way to travel, Everyone got his reason to travel around the World. I got mine back in 2010 when I lost my Dad, I just wanted to travel to forgive myself and get rid of the Pain but with the passage of time the Pain had changed into Experiences and Experiences into Stories and Stories into Inspiration and Education for the other Travelers like me. Now I travel so that I can bring stories, Inspiration and Education to the others through my Photography.

I had started My World Expedition back in 2014 after visiting Thailand, France and Spain, I had decided to continue this Adventure till I could, Travel more and more to see the beauty of the world, capture it, frame it but moreover get inspired and inspire others also for Traveling and Break the monotony of the Life. Live before you die and Travel for Travel sake. I always wanted do this South East Asia solo Photography Expedition why because honestly its cheap, Cultural countries and Less hassle for Visas, But this time I had decided not to do it just for travel sake but for myself and for others who want to travel freely but JOB kills most of their plans So I had decided to travel to take that message as far as I can and ask people is it true or not  “ JOB CAN WAIT TRAVEL CANT” and objective was to meet those as well who had done it already.  This whole Expedition was based on a theme so that I could inspire myself through the meets and others through the stories and Photos that I brought it.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Last walk of the Day- Amarapura


Myanmar is beautiful and cultural country, I believe it’s a destination for every cultural and nature lover traveler and Photographer, so many stories, people and places to discover and Experience although it seems bit similar to INDIA still I took that into my Expedition and I started my Adventure with Myanmar (Burma), seemed to me the first right option to start my Journey and make this Expedition more interesting, I couldn’t find the direct flight from Delhi so I had to flew from Delhi-Bangkok-Yangon (Rangoon). I read a lot about the country and searched info’s on Internet and made my own itinerary.

 Delhi- Yangon- Bagan- Mandalay- Inle Lake- Yangon

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Yangon pagoda 

Yangon (Rangoon) – It’s the capital of Myanmar, amazing city with so much to experience from street life to Pagodas (temples). First two nights of my journey was bit hard because of new place and bit nervous of traveling solo in strange country but with the passage of time this fear had faded out when I met other travelers like me with just a bag on their shoulders. Yangon is very charming for street food and street life I spent most of my time on it to explore the local culture and street life of the Capital.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Bagan Pagodas

BAGAN- After Yangon I took the overnight bus to Bagan, The most famous destination in Myanmar, I believe now once in the life everyone should visit this place for its Beauty, charm, serenity and pure sense of the place. This city would never disappoint anyone.

City entry ticket cost 20$ valid for 3 days which was valid for 3 days. I was excited about this place as I had read and searched a lot before coming here, it’s a paradise for the photographers to click the beauty, nature culture, people and sunrise and sunset at all one place. I took me a little while to find out the best places to get the great pictures of the place in its real and pure sense, after talking to locals and other tourist I figured it out that for the good shoots I had to go far and new places not to the regular ones which were flooded all the time by the tourists. The best way to Discover the city and its beauty, get the E-Bikes and lost you in the Heart of the City. 3 days of riding and less sleep and eating I got what I wanted from this place, I Captured BAGAN and its Beauty for forever in my heart and Camera.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Beautiful Sunrise -Bagan

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Sunrise with Ballons

Mandalay– I opted for this city for a reason into my Itinerary, Honestly speaking I never planned my visit Mandalay initially as it was just a big city with a palace, but I recommend it definitely. The thing that brought me to Mandalay was not the city itself but one of the very rare cave temple (Datdawtaung Cave), 40kms from Mandalay. It’s a hidden temple in Myanmar from the tourist, even locals hardly know about it. I got to know about it through the Blog of one tourist, she had visited it last year and wrote a blog about it with the photos that’s the only information was available on the Internet for that temple. So I decided to make a visit to that temple and capture it and promote it through by Blog for the next future tourist so that Traveler coming to Mandalay would hear more about the place and its beauty and visit it too.

How can I forget to mention about my visit to the U-BAIN Bridge- the longest wooden Bridge in the world, ended up my day with the Beautiful sunset that’s all I wanted from Mandalay.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Cave temple- Mandalay

Inle-Lake (Nyaung Shwe)

The second largest lake in Myanmar. I booked my ticket from Mandalay to Inle lake, most beautiful road trip I had done in Myanmar, I took the Shared taxi over the bus which dropped me till to my Hotel so it was easier for me. The Journey started in the morning I had to share my taxi with group of Monks that had surprised me a bit but I got it very soon that I was in Buddhist Country. I loved the Journey it was full of slides up and down as we were heading towards hills and scenery was awesome, landscapes were really beautiful the best road trip that I had experienced in Myanmar. After reaching to Inle lake I just checked in to my hotel and took a short walk to stretch myself from that long drive which had almost paralyzed my legs.  The town was very small but interesting with lots of travelers from all over the world; most of them reach to the town by trekking from Kalaw then take the ferry to the Town. The best thing to do in the town was to visit the lake and the floating villages around the lake where people lived and how they survived over the water, it was different experience for me and very cultural and traditional at the same time.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Inle lake Sunrise

I booked my shared boat ride with other travelers and we got the guide for the day to show us around the lake and the villages and talk about the places as well. The weather was not in our favor so hard to get the Sunrise photos, which I expected a lot with the fishermen on the lake. We spent the whole day to explore daily life, markets and temples as well. It was great experience to visit all these floating villages and understand their lives and conditions as well.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Inle Lake Fisherman

After that long and two weeks trip I had to came back to Yangon to take my flight for my next Adventure and next destination CAMBODIA. I would like to thank to all the free souls I met during my journey, it was the greatest experience of my life and travel solo, click stories and places and people and get to know about me more and more about the world at the same time.

Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Fisherman Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Floatting village Lady     Capture Mania Photography Magazine Niakul Sharma Local Tribe

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