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Talk on ‘Nature Photography’ by Jesús M. García


My name is Jesús M. García Flores. I am a professional photographer and I live in Toledo (Spain). As a photographer, my specialization is in Urban and Landscape Photography.Since 2012 I have won several International Awards, amongst which are the “Trierenberg Super Circuit”, “The International Epson Pano Awards”, “The Al-thani Awards for Photography”, National Geographics and several others.Amongst my main clients are: Microsoft, LG Electronics, Samsung, BBC and Yahoo.Additionally, another important facet is Teaching and Training and giving Developing and Processing Workshops throughout Spain, mainly directed towards Landscape Photography

Website: http://www.jesusmgarcia.es/Blog/Equipo-Fotográfico

Capture Mania Photography Magazine JesúsmGarcía_Amsterdam_sunset_2048

Q1. What kind of gear do you use?

  • Camera body – Nikon D810
  • Lens – Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 / Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 / Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 / Nikon 35mm. f/2
  • Tripod – Gitzo Systematic Serie GT3532S + RRS BH-55( Real Right Stuff ) Ball Head.
  • Filters – LucrOit Neutral Density ( 3 stops, 6 stops and 10 stops )
  • Flash –Nikon Sb-900, Camera bag – F-stop Tilopa, Mention others, if any. –
  • LucrOit Filter holder 165mm and Terrascape Filter Bag.

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Q2. Which is your favorite lens? Why?

My favorite Lens is Nikon 14-24 f/2.8; mainly because the type of photography that I normally do is Landscape Photography, both day and night, and I need a wide angle in order to be able to capture the entire scene.

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Q3. When you go travelling, what do you put in the bag? Why?It depends on the destination, but in addition to the equipment mentioned above, I always include a pack of 10 Compact Flash cards and a remote-control shutter release and headlamp to give light in the dark.

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Q4. You probably have a lot of gadgets. Is there something you wish you haven’t bought? Why?

I love gadgets and, whenever possible, I buy everything that helps me to obtain stunning images. One of my latest adquisitions has been a swivel stabilizer for panoramic views. Something else to buy? I would love to have a Wacom Cintic 27QHD !

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Q5. What are your camera settings when on location?

It depends on the type of photograph being carried out.

  • Aperture – Daytime between f/8 – f/11. Nightime: 90% of the time f/2.8.
  • Shutter Speed – It depends on if I use neutral density filters or not, and if it is a nighttime image.
  • ISO – Daytime between ISO 64 and ISO 400. Nightime ISO 2500 to 6400
  • White Balance – Daytime I always work on Automatic. Nightime at 3500K. I especially like cold photos.
  • Focus – Manual/Auto. With the Nikon 14-24 I always work in Hyperfocal
  • Image Format – RAW/JPEG. RAW!!! Of course.

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Q6. What programmes do you use for post processing? Tell us about your work flow.

The work flow that I use us my own flow that I have been perfecting during the last 10 years.
For this flow I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The basis of my work flow is to obtain maximum quality and obtain the most spectaculars results.

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Q7. What do you do to polish your photographic skills?

In the first place, one always must continue learning and secondly to see many photographs, visiting photographic websites and looking through quality magazines, such as yours. My personal opinion is that in order to obtain exceptional photographs, one must educate the eye, and the photographic eye is only trained by seeing many photos.

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Q8. Which is your favorite shot? Why?

That is a difficult question! I have several pictures in my head…but if I had to choose one in particular, it would be “Lavender Field and Milky Way”. This photograph has brought me several international awards, it has been on the cover of several magazines, and to date it is one of my best-sellers and amongst those that help to increase my sales figures.

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Q9. The work of which photographer has influenced you most?

I like to “drink” from many fountains. There are many good photographers and from each one I try to learn the type of techniques that they dominate. If I had to name several internationally, I would say: Marc Adamus, Daniel Kordan or Enrico Fossatti. In Spain I have a group of collaborators who are: Juan Pablo de Miguel, David Martín Castán, Carlos F. Turienzo, Sergio González, Dario Sastre, Arturo Solis, Iñigo Cía, Ivan Ferrero, Antonio Prado, Victor Gonzálo, Mario Rubio and of course my colleague and coworker in PhotoeXperience4U, Javier de la Torre

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Q10. What is the thing you wish you knew when you started taking pictures?

When I started taking pictures many years ago, it was just a hobby and later I wanted to make a living in this profession. After 10 years of investing much time, effort and dedication, I am starting to see results.

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Q11. You’ve been to many places. Tell us which one of your travels was the most memorable? Why?

I have many good memories of each place I have visited. The Northern Lights of Iceland and Norway, the incredible landscapes in Canada, the monuments of Prague and Paris, the buildings and lights of New York. It would be so hard to decide, but, as my trip to China is the most recent, I would say the memory of “GUILLIN”, not only for its impressive scenery, but also for having had the opportunity to learn a little about its people and culture.

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Q12. The world is full of amazing places and photo opportunities. Tell us what countries or regions you would like to visit, and photograph, in the coming years?

Next month I will travel to Munich (Germany) and to Linz (Austria) to receive the “Trierenberg Super Circuit” Gold Medal. These are my immediate plans, but for 2018 I am considering Japan, Dolomites, Baikal and one or two other interesting destinations.

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Q13. And the last question. What would you say about Capture Mania photography magazine?

First of all, I would like to thank Capture Mania photography magazine for thinking of me for this issue. It is an honor and a pleasure for me that a publication such as yours has taken an interest in my work. In closing, and regarding Capture Mania, I can only say “keep up the good work and continue to be a reference for the quality and contents of your magazine. Thank very much.!

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