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Vladi Garcia

Vladimiro García Villaverde

Born in Madrid and resides in Hondarribia for more than 10 years. Photographer self-educated, made fond long ago. Influenced by his environment, by the light, the sceneries, the sea and the customs of the Basque Country, he wants to transmit this beauty to the others and decides three years ago to attack the photography of the deeper way, by means of the reading of the kinds of books, from composition up to digital edition or processes, thinks also the criticism as a vehicle of learning.

He enjoys all the photographic disciplines and especially the related ones to architectural structures in which the correction at the moment of the capture is the base of the photographic quality, although he does not hesitate to use any digital way to obtain the result for that he looks in the moment of the capture,

This love turned into passion is based at the freedom to do what he wants therefore he does not doubt that in any moment it turns into his life way.

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